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David Birdon Bill Oddies Wildside:

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Posted: 16 Jan 2008

This second just seen  RAUK forums very own David Bird on Bill Oddies 'wildside; program on bbc 2. I met him in  dorest 3 years ago to show me some of the reptiles, and I was just randomly watching bbc 2 saw it was a reptile part and watched and then the host said  they were '; getting someone who knows what hes doing to help' and for some reason I had this preminition it would be him, and it was.


What a shock :), still watching it now.



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Posted: 18 Jan 2008
Didn't Bill Oddie do something similar with Rees Cox at Studland a few years back?
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Posted: 20 Jan 2008

I too saw this programme.  Very nice.  It tickled me when the programme partcipants went about their challenge of filming all 6 native reptile species in one day, that smooth snakes popped up everywhere and the biggest struggle was to find a viviparous lizard!  David Bird caught one for filming right at the end and saved the day.


I also have the programme to thank for helping me discover this forum.  I typed in "David Bird", as I found the programme and David`s work interesting, and Google led me here.

- David Birdon Bill Oddies Wildside

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