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Cumbrian natterjacks:

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Posted: 29 Apr 2003

I nipped over to Cumbria on sunday, as my parents were staying there. I wandered round one of the LNRs looking for signs of natterjacks.

Most of the slacks were dry. A few of the bigger ones, and the artificial ones, had water in.

There was one very fresh spawn string in one of them- that was the only sign of natterjack activity I saw.

There were thousands of toad tadpoles in the largest artificial slack, feeding in big aggregations. Presumably common toad, as they were well grown on.

One common lizard in the dunes, as well.

I didn't hear any calling that night either, so it looks like they've not really started yet. Maybe the heavy rain this weekend might start them off?

Chris G-O
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Posted: 16 May 2003

What were the sites & locations? Map refs or GPS coords would be useful.

The HCT co-ordinates the national monitoring programme for natterjacks; a lot is done by volunteers and it's not always possible to keep track of every site all the time. We have a Cumbria Natterjack Officer (Bill Shaw 01229 588153) and all natterjack records are gathered nationally by our Amphibian Conservation Officer (John Buckley 01202 391319). We welcome any additional records that people can send in!

Chris Gleed-Owen, Research & Monitoring Officer, The HCT & BHS Research Committee Chair
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Posted: 16 May 2003


Firstly may I welcome you to the RAUK forum.

It is forum policy that exact sites are NOT posted on here only general locations.


I am sure Caleb will be able to provide the information you require either by PM or email



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Posted: 16 May 2003


thanks for the contacts, I'm hoping to head over that way again soon, so I'll give Bill Shaw or John Buckley details of these and any further sightings.

As the moderator said, I deliberately didn't post exact locations, but PM me if you want to know.

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Posted: 06 Jun 2006
theres a large pond in a stately home right next to the otter farm in the lake district.
when i visited this had a large number of tadpoles.
not sure if they were natterjacks though, since i spotted only tadpoles.

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- Cumbrian natterjacks

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