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are these frogs?:

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Posted: 09 Feb 2007

I have seen the toads mating in the last couple of weeks, then three frogs trying to muscle in on the action with the female toads, are this pair both frogs?



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Posted: 09 Feb 2007

Yes Kate, both frogs this time, your good old Rana Temporaria 

Cheers, Alex.

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Posted: 09 Feb 2007

Thanks Alex.

Haha, and you thought that would be an end to it...no end of stupid questions to follow...

As with the toads, surely this is a bit early, even though I am in the South West and all we get is Cornish snow (or rain as it is otherwise known).

Also, does anyone have any info on mating behaviour, I went out a bit later and this pair appeared to be at the bottom of the pond, still quite happy.  Is the mating process significantly different to the toads or is it much the same?

There are at least another six frogs roaming the surface of my pond tonight (the most I have seen before tonight has been three) and there might be about three more wandering about at the bottom of the pond but its hard to tell with all the toads I've got around and me being useless!

Like the toads, this female looks larger than the male and paler in colour, is that what I should look out for in trying to tell the difference?

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Posted: 10 Feb 2007
i have had a pair of frogs in a similar mating embrace for the past 6 days.
you can see a pic of them in the 'spawn' thread of common frog section.
i guess the cold snap over the past couple of days has delayed the egg laying.

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Posted: 20 Feb 2007
First frog spawn occured on St Valentine's day (sweet) in a very small pond (actually a butler sink let into the ground).  Over the last week spawn has gradually been added to this pond.

Interestingly, a foot away is my larger garden pond which has seen frogs clasping continuously over the last week but, as yet, no spawn.  My wife wonders if this could be due to temperature difference between these 2 bodies of water. 

Personally, I wonder if the frogs use the larger pond for fore-play and migrate to the smaller pond to complete things in a more intimate environment!!

All the best


- are these frogs?

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