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Data recording:

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Posted: 21 Dec 2006
I've put this under Adder, but applies to all herps.
Have been reading a couple of papers of late; the end product being that we seem to underestimate the importance of humidity when recording environmental data; and the effect it has on activity cycles. This applies particularly for temperate species; where we imagine, with some justifications, that the herps are not thermoconformers, and are mainly heliothermic.
I, now as a matter of course take temp and relative humidity readings (RH).(Western Cape is regarded as Temperate although it was 42deg today!!)., Alana Ecology market nice little weather stations that measure RH and temp silmoultanously.(app 60)
We all know that we see more snakes on humid thundery days, or sun after a good shower.
Just a thought before you all tramp off in the coming season.
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Posted: 22 Dec 2006

Found this whilst browsing the web:

http://www.gardensupplydirect.co.uk/cnb/shop/gardensupplydir ect?productID=2445&op=catalogue-product_info-null&pr odCategoryID=120

Its a thermometer and hygrometer for 25 quid, don't know if it's good or accurate.  


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