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Red Frogs:

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Peter Vaughan
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Posted: 14 Mar 2010

Yesterday afternoon there were a large number of Common Frogs at a nearby pond here in north east Hampshire, and they had started spawning.  They were also producing a fine chorus of croaking.  Among them were some reddish individuals - with a couple quite bright red over much of their bodies.  The photographs below don't fully capture the colour, but give an indication.  Elsewhere I saw my first Common Lizard of the year out basking and an Adder, but no Grass Snakes as yet.  However it is a couple of degrees C warmer today which might just tempt the Grass Snakes to appear (in previous years they have emerged in mid-March at my local sites).


Peter Vaughan
ben rigsby
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Posted: 27 Apr 2010
nice pix of our heroes.
i had a red frog this year too. a female.
also spotted a male smooth newt with its tail crest buckled and flattened a bit halfway down. seen him a couple of times.
in his otherwise perfect breeding finery he looked like Beau Brummel with his cravat on wrong.
swam about without any difficulty though.

- Red Frogs

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