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Non-reptile fauna under tins:

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Posted: 09 Feb 2006

I'm constantly amused to find all types of animals lurking under the tins we lay out for reptiles. I thought it might be fun to post some pics.

This little chap was shivering under a tin in NE Hants yesterday afternoon...soz about the poor quality it was a fast mover !

What is he?..common vole ?

Steve Langham - Chairman    
Surrey Amphibian & Reptile Group (SARG).
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Posted: 10 Feb 2006


Isnt it short tailed or long tailed bank vole?

You know that tinning is a method for surveying water shrews - and there are a hell of lot of any beasties that live under tins


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Posted: 10 Feb 2006

ive found vole nests under tins and carpet, the pink baby voles are so cute, ive got some pics,if i can get them posted correctly fingers crossed.


Mike Lister BSc hons Ecology & Env management
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Posted: 10 Feb 2006

Steve, I confidently identify this as a small brown furry thing like many I see under tins.

Where's Brett Lewis when you need him eh?

Gemma Fairchild, Independent Ecological Consultant
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Posted: 12 Feb 2006
On the whole I go with Gemma's identification "small brown furry thing"! But, looking at the colour, the underside, very furry ears and so far as I can see no change of colour on the rump I would stick my neck out and say Field Vole - Microtus agrestis
Chris Davis, Site Administrator
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Posted: 13 Feb 2006
Yes tins are really good for small mammals.
I've found Wood mice, Common shrews and Field voles under tins. The most frequently found species is the one identified by Chris in the pic as the Field vole.

I've also been lucky enough to find a nest of baby voles under a tin.
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Posted: 13 Feb 2006

baby voleeees indeed are a very good find, think ive had 4 different nests now. find most tiles on the road projects have mammal tunnels under them where theyve been out for the summer. The ones pictured were from an abandoned allotment i did a community project on, unfortunately it was all rotovated but.... i caught the female, and transfered her with her 3 little blind babies to a very large tank at home, they all survived and were very interesting to watch growing up and exploring the until they were released when they were ready to go :( the amount of grass clippings they ate was absolutely amazing!


Mike Lister BSc hons Ecology & Env management

- Non-reptile fauna under tins

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