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GCN in garden ponds.:

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Posted: 27 Apr 2008
Somebody I work with claims to have Great Crested Newts breeding in their garden pond. I am hoping to visit soon to confirm this. Could somebody please advise me, are people allowed legally to keep GCN's in a garden pond? What does the law say about this? I only ask because, theoretically, if a garden pond is a breeding site for GCN's it could be unwittingly filled in by new homeowners should the property change hands. Any clarification on this would be appreciated.
David Bird
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Posted: 29 Apr 2008
If the GCN naturally found the pond then no offence could possibly have been commited, if the animals were captured elsewhere and put in the pond without a Natural England Licence if in England similar licence for Scotland & Wales an offence has been commited. Whether the authorities would prosecute, especially if the animals are breeding and have plenty of safe, suitable terrestrial habitat would remain to be seen if they find out.
The people should inform anyone who is interested in purchasing the property of the existance of a European Protected Species which should then safeguard the pond and newts, any purchaser who takes on the property knowing this and then destroys the pond would be liable to prosecution and in my opinion should be prosecuted.
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ben rigsby
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Posted: 27 Apr 2010
hi garry, GCNs in garden ponds isnt as uncommon as you might think. at least in my area. i visit a lot of properties as a postman and know of several sites. pools need not be as big as some people think. maybe its a case of needs/must though.
ive got a pond too and i know my newts so its not a case of mistaken id.
as the slow onslaught of natural habitat loss continues and politicians/courts fail the animals, lets be glad theyre thriving SOMEWHERE while we fight back on their behalf.
gardens are often great for amphibians.
some postmen survey them daily.
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Posted: 27 Apr 2010
Which is why you now get your post at lunchtime
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Posted: 30 Apr 2010
[QUOTE=kevinb]Which is why you now get your post at lunchtime [/QUOTE]

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- GCN in garden ponds.

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