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Posted: 11 Aug 2006
Small population in my parents garden pond in east central Scotland are still laying eggs as of this week.  Adults have been seen in the pond since february, although only females seem to be left now.
At the moment can find all stages from eggs and newly-hatched to new-morphs emerging around the edges of the pond. Efts could be seen in the pond all through last winter.
I wonder if this is something to do with being further north?  Maybe insurance against a poor summer or particularly harsh winter? Anyone else observed such a protracted breeding season? Donny38940.5060300926
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Posted: 14 Aug 2006
I've seen smooth newts in Cambridgeshire laying eggs in July, never in August, though.
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Posted: 14 Aug 2006
Hi there

I've just seen something similar in Pembrokeshire, namely and courtship in palmate newts - a small pond in the gounds of a stately home had at least a dozen individuals, with males in full breeding condition, displaying to females who seemed willing to follow the males in turn.

has anyone seen active courtship / displaying in newts of any species this late in the season ?  Can anyone suggest why it's happening at this time ? - especially in mild south-west Wales ?



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