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Save Kiln Meadow!:

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Posted: 19 Jul 2010
Hi all

There is a rather important campaign in Ipswich regarding
the protection of a significant toad population in

Save Kiln Meadow - is on facebook - search for the group
for the latest information

SKiM - Ipswich Wildlife Group

M - Save Kiln Meadow

An outline of the case is found in ARG Today
Page 7 -
pdf">ARG today 7

A complaint to the Ombudsman was upheld
an-letter.htm">Ombudsman Letter

This case has implications in relation to the NERC duty
to biodiversity and particularly a Priority species under
the National BAP which has no other form of protection
(barring collection for and offering for sale)

Vice Chair of ARG UK - self employed consultant -
visit ARG UK & Alresford Wildlife

- Save Kiln Meadow!

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