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Posted: 14 Sep 2010
I live in Southern Spain and we were looking for frogs with my grandson and we found a HUGE toad, I think it is a female common toad.
The poor thing has swollen legs, one leg has a hole in it (the flesh is pink so it is a good sign) and it has two dark pinky sore marks near each of its eyes.
We never take what we find home we just look then put back but we took this one home.  I thought it may be diseased, but on closer inspection it looks as though something may have grabbed it (a dog or fox maybe).
The toad has healthy skin and bright eyes and it is moving etc...
I need to know the best way to treat its injuries please.
There is no point in asking our local vet because he is a complete idiot with ALL other animals.
Can someone advise me please?

Thank you so much for your time
Baby Sue
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Posted: 16 Nov 2010
Just seen this. What happened to it? Baby Sue40498.6862615741
I wanted presents from lots of you. Snot fair that Ben Rigsby was the only one to send me Xmas & birthday presents.


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