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Whatos wrong with this picture!:

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Robert V
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Posted: 25 Mar 2011


Paul Hudson
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Posted: 25 Mar 2011
What is wrong with it??
Paul Hudson
ben rigsby
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Posted: 25 Mar 2011
hi rob

are you talking about the pic itself or the subject of it???

well speaking solely as someone with a lot less knowledge of herps or photography (or anything! ) than many members, i can only humbly suggest.....


1. freshly-laid frogspawn and toadspawn side by side seems quite unusual. since toads normally spawn later.
- a possibly unusual chronological anomaly shown.

2. in this shot some of the toadspawn looks a bit like natterjack "singles" but bufo bufo is depicted. perhaps something askew with the BB spawn then. like disease or mutation etc?
- therefore the subjects appear to conflict and confound expectations variously.

3. nothing.
amazingly, its so wrong its BRILLIANT - the photo shows 3 anura! BB, RT (spawn) and CALAMITA spawn.
- ok this is maybe a bit hard to swallow?

3. its disingenuous.
this pic has been faked, "made-over" or its characters manipulated in some way in order to achieve an effect. perhaps for fun or even to incite debate.
- thats if you mean the pics construction rather than the content.

4. its too BIG.
some might argue that its a bit unwieldy and user-unfriendly for the screen. might put people off exploring it which would be a shame.
(as 3.)

5. this shot only shows an "ugly" "common-or-garden" toad.*
and toads AINT popular among members.*
not compared to most uk herps (looking at the site stats for the last year).
its "wrong" to post toad when there are adders or sandies afoot.
BUFO BUFO; common in uk, rare on RAUK.

any of those any good????

thanks for posting toad topic.

regards, ben

* personally, i love em.
Robert V
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Posted: 26 Mar 2011

That was what I was looking for Ben, the frog spawn looks so fresh it could have been laid by the Toad!

And I was just playing with the fact that Toady was alongside it

Baby Sue
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Posted: 28 Mar 2011
I wanted presents from lots of you. Snot fair that Ben Rigsby was the only one to send me Xmas & birthday presents.

- Whatos wrong with this picture!

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