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How do you undo bonking toads?:

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Posted: 28 Mar 2011

A critically injured toad had the misfortune of getting sh*gged in my bucket the other night. IĘd actually not noticed it had been hit when I put it in with the others but when I went to empty my bucket of about 30 there were two belly up looking dead. At first I freaked cos I thought theyĘd suffocated in the mating frenzy and thought it was my own fault, but upon further inspection they had squidged heads, must have been run over. Both were still alive though and not a bloody mess but one of them was getting sh*gged. I later went to my euthanising spot and I couldnĘt prise the healthy toad off it, I tried for several minutes but it was clung on well tight. I had to stop as I thought I could injure the healthy toad by trying to pull itĘs arms off it and I also thought this is torture for the injured one. Thankfully by the time I reached my euthanising spot again it had been released (after about 45 minutes ). Do you have any neat tips about how to stop them sh*gging mid-sh*g?

I wanted presents from lots of you. Snot fair that Ben Rigsby was the only one to send me Xmas & birthday presents.

- How do you undo bonking toads?

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