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Wildlife Ponds:

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Posted: 15 Aug 2005

Just read my local newsapaer Sidmouth Herald and a local man, wants to build two connected wildlife ponds on his farm, one for geese and ducks and another with fish in it. Ponds size about 30 by 40 metres. The town council think this is a fantastic idea but the final decision rests with the district council.

Will there be any wildlife in them with fish, ducks and geese?!

Within the past year a GCN has been found in a garden pond which is fairly close to this so a true wildlife pond might be good news for GCNs.

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Posted: 15 Aug 2005
Classic sneaky ploy to get planning permission! Just mention it's for wildlife

Wildlife interest will be limited if large numbers of fowl and fish are
introduced and will certainly offer poor potential for gcn. If gcn are present
nearby, disturbance to terrestrial habitat (through construction of the ponds)
could in itself negatively impact gcn and may be licensable.calumma38579.3341435185
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