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MSc dissertation - Help!!:

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Posted: 29 Nov 2004

Hi there,

I'm studying for an MSc in resource management at edinburgh uni and am currently considering various dissertation options. I am very keen on doing some reptile work having carried out a great deal of reptile surveying and relocation projects earlier this year. If anyone knows of any work that needs doing or just any ideas then let me know.

Many thanks


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Posted: 29 Nov 2004
It seems to me you are in a good position to examine whether 'relocation projects' represent worthwhile conservation exercises.
Lee Brady
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David Bird
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Posted: 17 Feb 2009
Is this last post a sales pitch for cheating ?
No wonder some of the consultancies come up with pointless reports with large pieces of copy and paste unrelated to the particular site or situation if they employ peole that have used this technique.
British Herpetological Society Librarian and member of B.H.S Conservation Committee. Self employed Herpetological Consultant and Field Worker.
Wolfgang Wuster
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Posted: 17 Feb 2009
[QUOTE=David Bird] Is this last post a sales pitch for cheating ?

Of course it is - it couldn't be more obvious if it had "WE WILL HELP YOU CHEAT FOR MONEY - free viagra and penis enlargement if you order more than three dissertations at once" as the subject line....


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Wolfgang Wüster
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Posted: 21 May 2009
It is better if you ask your instructor for a good piece of advice, for now, I'm sharing a link which can help you:Amphibian Information

Sara Michealdpwriter39954.9837847222
Robert V
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Posted: 25 May 2009

What a sad condemnation of education in the UK today if you can "order" dissertations on a subject that you are "supposed" to be interested in and without doing any work in the field! To think that some think it acceptable to short-cut your way to knowledge! And then the public turn to these people later on as so called experts simply because of letters pinned to the arse of a name!

If you're at Uni and "don't have the time" to undertake your own dissertation, then you want to try having a full time job, kids, house etc....... and then find time to examine a subject to a degree of expertise. Uni is a breeze.

I sincerely hope you decide to do your own Walton?

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Posted: 25 May 2009
Yea it is very sad, I don't think it is common practise
though (not in biosciences anyway), sounds more like an
American idea to me

Walton asked for help in 2004 so he should be well into
a job by now

- MSc dissertation - Help!!

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