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GCNewts being built over.:

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Posted: 19 Mar 2010

I am making this report because my complaints have ended me up in court,Even tho i am protecting an endangered species protected by the queen.

The building of houses is happening over the home of great creasted newts at swindon/bath university..

When i made my original complaint to the mp,s i was swiftly arrested in under two hours by 30 officers.I am now being taken to court i believe as a warning.And also being evicted.I had my own land near the site on a housing estate and the coucil thru me off with threats of violence.

I have proof ,real evidence from natural england that proves they know of the habitat.And at the time the council denied having any plans to build here..I knew all the time the uni was a ploy to get dwelling permission.4/5 yrs later they knocked the uni down and and are building there now.

natural england told me to report it to the police.

The coucil have just had a new police station installed in the coucil lobby so you can understand my position in reporting as they already screwed me over it im due in court this month.

I make this report to you forumers in the hope one of you has the clout to take on the council,And also because i have nowhere else to turn...

I have been told by my solicitor that i have trodden on somebody foot at westminster and its potentialy worth millions...Does this matter is it not the fact these newts are protected that is the issue/Not whether the houses are needed its the fact the local mps are bent and instead of helping they are helping themselves...

PLEASE somebody HELP STOP them building....

There are hundreds of sites that are being built at the moment round here and its not a necacity that they build over the habitat except for greed....


The last words of malcolm cole before i get locked up for protecting one of our good Queens species.

I lost my house,I lost my father,Im gonna lose my liberty...Ive done the right thing im proud to be a real british person,Honest,dignified and proud to have protected OUR GREAT QUEENS GCNEWTS.....

I know consider the police state in the council to be the first steps to marshall law...

GOODBYE ALL......SAVE THE NEWTS....The future is sending this message for a good reason....




Robert V
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Posted: 21 Mar 2010


I don't understand here, how are you going to go to court for reporting GC newts? What is the charge?

Who have you spoken to at English Nature?

Did you get the number of the police officer that took the details of your initial complaint?

How are they evicting you, what part of the tenancy agreement / finacial agreement have you broken - publicity?

It sounds as though there may be many complications to your position, but help can only come in knowing these details.

But, I can't tell you not to worry, but there are many of us on here that have seen even SSSI sites completely chewed up and runined in the name of land management - it is frustrating, but there doesn't seem to be the "will" by Government to stop the species decline, so it's difficult to see how your protest will change anything - sorry to be so bleak.

Hope all goes well.


Paul Ford
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Posted: 23 Mar 2010

Have you thought about going to the press?

This is the sort of thing you read about in the Daily Mail......


- GCNewts being built over.

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