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David Bird
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Posted: 03 Mar 2007
Does anyone know of any FREE web hosting sites where one can put files so you can send people there by invitation or have open public viewing to look at or download small papers or articles or other information. I used to use Yahoo briefcases on my profile but they no longer work. I know there are photo hosting sites such as Webshots and Flickr that I use but cannot find one for files. Is there any facility on here Gemma or woud it take up too much space. Perhaps a new Yahoo group may work if no one can come up with anything else.


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Posted: 03 Mar 2007


We can have file upload directly to posts in the forum, though this is not currently enabled in all forums. (It can be enabled on request in any specific forum)

RAUK has spare capacity, if you wanted, the files could be uploaded to the server, assuming the files would be relatively small?

There is free file hosting available on the web, though I've not used any particular site so can't really recommend anything.

Gemma Fairchild, Independent Ecological Consultant

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