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Web Publisher for RAUK?:

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Posted: 20 Mar 2007

RAUK is currently looking for an aspiring web publisher to maintain the News Pages and resurrect the RAUK email Newsletter.

Applicants should be able to:

  • use FTP facilities and be familiar with ASP/HTML coding
  • give the time to commit to regularly (weekly/twice weekly/daily) updating and organising the news pages on the RAUK site
  • be prepared to harass (make good links with) appropriate groups such as ARG UK, HCT, Froglife, BHS, NE etc for news stories as well as local newspapers and other sources
  • write in a reasonable literate way and be impartial (that's at least two reasons why I can't do it )
  • be generally very organised and committed to the role

(Anyone who is good generally at IT but perhaps not with HTML/ASP I could probably get going in the right direction)

Payment will consist of a reasonable amount of 'Kudos' for being mad enough to do it, and also everyone in UK herpetology will get to know who you are (well it worked for me). The successful candidate will also be able to collaborate in a meaningful way on how the site is run, now that must be worth it

All applications, bribes etc to admin at admin@herpetofauna.co.uk


Gemma Fairchild, Independent Ecological Consultant

- Web Publisher for RAUK?

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