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Posted: 20 Mar 2007

Dear all,

The subject of running RAUK via a committee has come up a couple of times.

I keep mulling this over, as I understand on the one hand the site has become limited by the time I can put into it, but on the other hand I've resisted the idea. This has been because I see little point in RAUK being committee run whilst I am 100% responsible for the work, copping the Flak and other than an offset from donations and advertising, financing the site - you can see that on top of this having to answer to a committee might just push it over the edge.  - In fact I could only see a committee stopping me doing things with the site that I normally just get on a do - part of its success.

The site started from an anarchistic idea that if one person simply created it, it would probably work and in my mind, it did!

I now perceive the future of RAUK as in the hands of equally anarchistic 'collaborators' rather than a committee of archons i.e. people who like myself are prepared to give up a great deal of time to see the site thrive for nothing more than the joy of doing it and the hope that the site in someway aids the conservation of UK herpetofauna.

To this end I have called for someone to take the role of maintaining the News Pages - that person I will see as a 'collaborator'. If enough people get involved in running aspects of the site, so RAUK becomes run by a group of collaborators, then I think it will expand into the future.

I hope that makes sense and invite comments as always!


Gemma Fairchild, Independent Ecological Consultant

- RAUK ocommitteeo

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