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Winter tidy ups:

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Posted: 16 Mar 2010
Had a look on the railway station track that runs through a bit of managed local Sudbury nature area . the usual over zealous winter tidy up brigade, have completly denuded a stream embankment of all that grew did not mind the tidy up of some stinging nettles and rubbish area but they have taken out willow elder tree and blackthorn bush that gave cover in this ever diminishing bit of greenery amid the tarmac and concrete, and the sloworm cover has also been well bashed, but I did see a early one yesterday keithAGILIS40253.3408796296
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Posted: 16 Mar 2010
I really think reptiles aren't considered in a lot of cases of ripping stuff out. I was out at the weekend in a place I hadn't been before which was very rough pasture/marshy and surrounded by gorse bushes (tall) and other scrubby cover. Several excavators were parked and a fire was smouldering of gorse that was being ripped out. I flushed up 3 meadow pipits in the pasture and I'm sure adders might like it in the area. Well perhaps I ought to put that in the past tense.


- Winter tidy ups

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