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golden yellow toad or frog:

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Posted: 25 Jul 2010
This afternoon I am clearing a patch of ground where prunings waiting to be shredded are piled up.  It's part of a paddock and has nettles, thistles, long grass etc.  I picked up a shrub stump that has been lying there for probably two years and a large golden frog or toad moved into the grass away from it.  By its size I think it's a toad and it crawled away, not hopped, after sitting a while why we eyed each other up.  It had green/brown oval spots but was really quite a bright yellow gold.  I have common toads in the garden which are very dark but is this just camoflaged to live in grass?  Can anyone help with identification please?  We have a pond.

- golden yellow toad or frog

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