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Wall lizards:

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Posted: 21 Mar 2010
Sorry no pictures this time but we took the advantage of being in the right area on a sunny day and so checked out Boscombe. No Greens were seen but we did count 23 Wall lizards along the cliff path.
Peter Vaughan
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Posted: 21 Mar 2010
Has anyone seen the Green Lizards at Boscombe this year?  Numerous attempts to introduce this species to southern England over the last two centuries seem have not led to any long-term colonies, as far as I can determine from the literature - so I wonder whether a cold winter will kill off the Boscombe one, or at least set it back? 
Peter Vaughan
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Posted: 22 Mar 2010
I doubt it.   There were wall lizards out in number two weeks ago at another site elsewhere in the country that is a good deal less southerly than the Boscombe colony.

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Posted: 23 Mar 2010
I'd be surprised if a cold winter did for the Greens - cool summers would be more likely to exterminate a population due to hatching failures, I reckon.  They thrive on the continent with typical cold winters/warm summers.

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