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Bullfrogs - WATCH out for them:

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Posted: 08 Jun 2010

Please do keep an eye and ear out for these large frogs.
A worrying trend has been revealed during the last few
years which people need to know about. A third population
of these frogs have been found - right under the noses of
some pretty well known herpetologists - over the last
half a decade these frogs have been spreading and
breeding - no one had the thought to report them

It was only when another herpetologist carrying out newt
surveys spotted them.

I cannot tell you where these animals are but we have had
a population on the Kent/Sussex Border and in South West
Essex. We hope that there are no more populations but it
seems that some are creeping out of the woodwork

If you see a bullfrog or heard a sound like a deep mooing
then please report it ASAP!

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Posted: 27 Sep 2010
I'm not terribly surprised they went un-noticed to be honest.  The county in question has a large number of ponds, and it is pretty easy for animals to escape notice because we tend to visit only a limited part of the country. I would not be surprised if there were more out there given the numbers of animals imported in the 1990's.
Brian Banks
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- Bullfrogs - WATCH out for them

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