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spawning dates:

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j gaughan
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Posted: 28 May 2004
May 19th _outdoor vivaria, London; earliest date ever recorded by a collegue; being usually well into the last week of this month

May 26 _i found 2 clumps at a sand pit site in Hampshire

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Posted: 17 May 2005

Hi John,
the earliest spawning in my outdoor vivaria is similar to the  one given on your posting.  On Birdbrook Nature Reserve it used to be approximately the last week in May, in fact, approximately synchronous with the pool frog colony north of Uppsala in middle Sweden.

The dates for pool frog spawn seem weeks later than the earliest spawning for marsh frogs - I'm still waiting to some records to be entered on another page on this site regarding marsh frog spawning dates!

Charles Snell

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