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invasion of the giants:

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ben rigsby
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Posted: 27 Mar 2011
hi folks,

Giant Hogweed is really common around here.
road and waysides, rivers, ponds, farmland etc

beside the old canal theres a small forest of it. 50m or more of virtually nothing but Heracleum Mantegazzianum (snappy name eh? )
by flowering time in June/July it looks like Vietnamese jungle or something!
its a very compelling eye or lens magnet for any passers-by believe me.

ok, so this is an invasive alien species so we dont want it eh?
i know.

if im honest though, i love seeing it.
sorry, its a guilty pleasure

bit like being thrilled to see Boscombes beautiful and alluring Wall/Green Lizards - even though youre alarmed by their prescence here.

similarly, you cannot be unimpressed when youre dwarfed by a 3.5 METRE tall, deep purple-streaked and spikily-leaved, biennial (!!) umbellifer that looks like it came from outer space and drinks Roundup for breakfast.
a species which also possesses interesting adaptations like venom-like toxic properties in the form of skin-blistering sap.

now CAN you?

ah well, thats life eh folks?
maybe ill get jaded by them in time.

on their way up beside the River Frome yesterday;

easy to see how the species has spread so well. what with air and river-borne seed deployment tactics;


short of major concerted cost and effort (unlikely) this goliath seems here to stay.

wonder which uk present species will eat the stuff?

cheers all


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Posted: 28 Mar 2011
Young sauteed Common Hogweed stems make a worthy substitute
for Asparagus spears, sure. However, I would not recommend
knocking up a warm salad from this particular variety!   

- invasion of the giants

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