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pond autumnal botanical removals:

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ben rigsby
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Posted: 28 May 2010
pond maintenance guides often say to remove 75% of weeds every autumn.
bearing in mind such sources are aimed primarily at fish-keepers and that most ponds will eventually "weed over" without intervention, what do herp folk think is best policy from an optimum amphibian rather than piscine preserving perspective?
75% seems a lot. even given the rapid spring regrowth. though its roughly what ive done for the last few years.

overwintering newt larvae;

will they be at the bottom in the midst of the botanical jungle or under mud in open water i wonder? or anywhere? i dont want to disturb these. if you pull up foliage, roots drag out all and sundry. mud, plant or resting animal.
what do YOU do each year?

cheers, ben


- pond autumnal botanical removals

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