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daytime rodents.:

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dave fixx
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Posted: 05 Jun 2010
I was out herping at various locations on wednesday with much success up until the temps got that bit too high.What surprised me most though was the number of rodents and small mammals  I saw out in the open during a very warm morning.I often fined all kinds under refuges but I witnessed a couple of voles ,a weasel and later mice all out scurrying around.Very nice to see .Biggest surprise was a huge toad sat in some heather in the midday sun.
Dave Williams
ben rigsby
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Posted: 05 Jun 2010
cheers dave, a heartwarming off-topic post. wonder what the reason for the rodent activity was?
weasels are always exciting to see.

shame no pix- though obviously i appreciate the difficulty given the restlessness of the subjects!


- daytime rodents.

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