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elodea canadensis- still a threat?:

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ben rigsby
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Posted: 07 Jul 2010
as we know canadian pondweed is long established in the uk and as such, is also viewed as "naturalised" by many. however its "invasive" qualities have also been noted since the heyday of canals. in many minds, as an alien, the "weed" is as welcome as the proverbial gaseous anal emission while wearing NASA apparel.

or podarcis muralis in bournemouth and beyond.

canadian pondweed seems to occupy a similar ecological niche to natives such as Hornwort. though im no expert so correct me if wrong. many amphibian ponds ive seen both in gardens and beyond, have one or the other as the dominant mid-water species anyway.not both simultaneously.

is there any evidence that our natives prefer one species over the other?
do you more commonly find good nos of amphibians in ceratophyllum/ other natives or elodea? or no difference? the latter HAS been here a long time!

assimilated into eco system?

thanks, ben


- elodea canadensis- still a threat?

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