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Terror pins:

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Robert V
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Posted: 28 Mar 2011

I pesonally do not like them, but I know some on here feel differently. What's the take generally??


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Posted: 28 Mar 2011
Hi Rob
I personally love Terror Pins (well, most of 'em anyway). Despite an awful lot of lurid tales (=myths), there is little evidence of the Red-Ears actually representing any significant direct threat to our native animals. Equally fortunately, there seems to be no evidence of them importing alien pathogens. Conversely, as adults they are primarily vegetarian and can cause a lot of damage to plant growth.
While I tend always towards the view that any animal has a right to life, and part of me appreciates seeing them - simply they don't belong here. Fortunately, unless global warming accelerates, they are unable to incubate their eggs here. If they could, then with the number around our opinions would be irrelevant as there is very little chance of eradicating them. In fact, they could end up as yet another naturalised species.

Whether this is good or bad could be debated for ages. Looking beyond herps this country is teeming with non-native naturalised species and others that are likely to become naturalised. Many of these simply slot into the ecology, perhaps causing a momentary upset but then things stabilise. In any event, some might argue that there is rather a fine line between natural immigration and introduction. After all - even human beings are one of nature's forces and there is a fair chance that some apparently native species actually came over here with huming beans!

All the best

Chris Davis, Site Administrator
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Posted: 28 Mar 2011
Hi Rob is that up the Goldings hill pond keith
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Posted: 29 Mar 2011
Is the one on the right doing pilates?

- Terror pins

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