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SE Regional HGBI Representative:

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Posted: 02 Oct 2003
Now that Mike Barker's tenure as SE Regional Representative is up, I have been asked by the HGBI Secretariat (FrogLife) to represent ARGs in the SE. While I'm not entirely sure what is expected of me in this role, one of the things that I would like to do is facilitate the exchange of ideas between groups.

As regional rep for HGBI I aim to be a member of all local ARGs in the SE (Kent, Sussex and Surrey; unfortunately London no longer have an ARG that is affiliated to HGBI), and hopefully attend meetings and the like. This should give me a better handle on what is happening locally and allow me to better represent local groups to the HGBI committee. Although Essex is not in the SE HGBI, it does share a border with Kent and I recently attended an Essex meeting where I was able to contribute to the various discussions. It's surprising how often problems encountered by one ARG have also been experienced by others and workable solutions found. I would like to see more of this cross-pollination of ideas. Of course one such way is through this web site, especially now that we have our own SE HGBI Forum (thanks Gemma ).

Another idea that I have is for joint field-trips to sites (e.g. on county boundaries). I am hoping that we can arrange several such field-trips in Kent during 2004 that will also include members of other ARGs (including EARG).

If you are a member of a SE ARG and have questions that I may be able to help with please do ask! You can contact me either through this forum or by email (check my sig. for email address).

Lee Brady
Kent Herpetofauna Recorder | Independent Ecological Consultant


- SE Regional HGBI Representative

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