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beneath my mums dark mat:

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ben rigsby
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Posted: 26 Aug 2010

for some reason, a few weeks ago my mother left this rubber mat beside the cherry tree in her garden. where it has remained. i took note of its prescence immediately of course!;


well OBVIOUSLY.....
(note girth of female)

a distinctive tail (with a tale to tell?);

my dad took this one to try out my new-fangled camera. so blame him;
(the rest are all my own fault)

these are the only two pix i actually LIKE!--
happily, also of my fave specimen.
im in love L-U-V!
(note the scarring. caused by a cat or another slowies grip?). tails are intact.

i have a look under the mat every week when i visit my parents for lunch. it never fails to yield. the pieces of slate i dotted around their (fairly large) garden do well too

good on yer, ma!

hmm....now all i gotta do is persuade her to leave it there for most of the year

happy herping! , and long live gardens

PS not great pix but at least theyre NEW eh?
snaps are from diff visits obviously.ben rigsby40416.8632523148
tim hamlett
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Posted: 26 Aug 2010

how lucky you are...slowworms in the garden. we don't have any locally .

nice pics, thanks for sharing.


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Posted: 27 Aug 2010
nice to see them about Ben,keith

- beneath my mums dark mat

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