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still not fledged:

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ben rigsby
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Posted: 27 Aug 2010
in some garden ponds here in glos (SW) there are still a small minority of common frog tadpoles. long after the rest of the spawn clump has departed. even ones yet to sprout back legs.
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Posted: 28 Aug 2010
I still have plenty in my pond and had about 30 over-winterers last year.
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ben rigsby
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Joined: 27 Apr 2010
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Posted: 18 Sep 2010
spotted a still-legless taddie again today (17 september for christs sake!)

perhaps its neotenous.

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Posted: 23 Sep 2010

I used to wonder what would happen to the tiny toadlets still  crawling out of my parents garden pond in chilly October weather.

I've always thought overwintering tadpoles ought to be a pretty common thing in the UK, given our crap climate.  It seems to be prettty common with newt efts. At least where I grew up in Scotland well grown newt tadpoles were pretty visable in the garden pond on warmer days and nights even in winter.


Baby Sue
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Posted: 26 Oct 2010

I was gonna ask about if tadpoles that are around now just die, good to know they can survive the winter. I thought they∆d of died what with them being so small, I thought cold and ice would kill them. I spotted one when I was de-weeding my pond a couple of weeks back and the golf course pond that has loads of tadpoles each year still has lots.

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