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ben rigsby
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Posted: 29 Jan 2011
hi folks,

having just been on a march and demo against all the public sector cuts, i thought id have a quick scoot round a Crested/Smooth newt site in Stonehouse, Glos before heading home.

what do you think of the sign here?
the scene depicted is very rose-tinted and gives little clue to the extent of the surrounding urbanisation!
the residents are hardly "secret" if signs broadcast their prescence either.
currently a great spot for newts though and the sign is a neat bit of art.**

as you might (sadly) expect from a location surrounded by a large housing estate and a major road, this spot is something of an eyesore in some ways - old prams, toys, clothes, litter and other human detritus scattered carelessly all over the shop.        

on the other hand the newts love these additional refugia options!         er...لل



i lifted up this old mattress;


9 lovely smoothies.

perhaps i wont bother taking my unwanted crap to the tip from now on.
ill dump it in Stonehouse instead.



** same artist did the Stroud Cemetery (good for lizards/snakes) one by the looksben rigsby40572.682037037
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Posted: 30 Jan 2011
Ben this sort of dumping seems to be in epidemic
proportions all over the place here as well always happens
on some of the more sensitive sites that attract fly
dumpers as lots of times there out of public eyesight? this
problem is partly caused by restrictions imposed by the
daft policies imposed by local councils on certain types of
rubbish that you can dispose of! keith

- keep Britain untidy!

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