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Exotics in the London area:

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Deb London
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Posted: 07 Feb 2011
Firstly I should say "Hi". My name is Deb, I live near London. I'm a wildlife
nut with an interest in herps.

I joined this forum following a suggestion on another forum. I thought
this post might be of interest to some.

Inside the London Natural History Society's Newsletter & Ornithological
Bulletin Feb. 2011 there is an appeal for records of non-native
herpetofauna in the London recording area.

The recorder is interested in records of species such as Red-eared
Terrapin and green (Marsh, Pool and Edible) frogs. Remembered records,
anecdotes or further information to accompany records are also of

This is the London recording area:


The details of the London recorder for reptiles and amphibians can be
found here:

Deb London40581.716724537
ben rigsby
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Posted: 24 Feb 2011
hi deb

welcome to RAUK. good to see youve branched out from WAB.
im not in your area im afraid but just FYI there are a couple of Red-Eared Terrapins (T. Scripta Elegans) here (Glos) in the (disused) Stroudwater Navigation Canal.


- Exotics in the London area

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