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Definitely something missing:

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Posted: 01 Sep 2008


Autumn has arrived and so I was out raking up leaves yesterday when out from under them came this baby smoothie.  I called my wife to grab the camera, took some pics and let it on itÆs way.  Only after downloading did I notice the æglaring omissionÆ.


(Gemma) IÆve seen under the æPolish AddersÆ topic that this can occur through injury or problems at sloughing but this little fellow appears to just be missing the eye.  At about 20cms am I right in thinking he (she ?) is probably this years progeny and if so would any injury incurred have had time to heal ?     I suppose the only other alternative is a birth defect û small local population perhaps in-breeding ?


Thoughts as usual greatly appreciated


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Posted: 08 Sep 2008
Well its a post-shed neonate, and that looks like a birth defect, and not a retained eyecap or injury, although its not that easy to tell I suppose.
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