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Coastal adders and reptiles:

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Posted: 09 Nov 2004

Dear all

I have recently recieved some interesting records of adders being spotted on small islands, and amongst salt marsh in the estuaries of Essex (thanx to EWT).

We have several costal adder/reptile sites where they live on the seawalls and I am very interested to know if anyone else has any coastal populations of adders.

Some of the best sightings have come from seawalls where the vegetation has been left undisturbed. An important issue in regards to these habitat restoration projects where the seawall is breached and the land is flooded with saltwater - Changes in the behaviour of male adders have been noted at the Abbotts Hall realignment project - over 2004 English Nature has commissioned a survey to look at the effects of the marsh restoration - adders are now basking on the drying mud left after each tide - its a good job that adders have been spotted swimming in the sea in this area as how else would these animals get to their summer grounds from the overwintering grounds (seawall).





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Posted: 10 Nov 2004
i just finished my MSc on Adders along South and West Wales coastline, there are many sites where Adders are present from dunes to exposed cliff tops.
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- Coastal adders and reptiles

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