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ARG UK vinyl car stickers:

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Posted: 26 Mar 2007
Just a little idea on to 'spread the word' so to speak - vinyl car stickers. Don't know how much these would cost to produce or even it is a good idea.

Any comments?


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Posted: 26 Mar 2007

Yeah Cool -

Maybe we could have RAUK ones aswell?


Look into it and let us know how much they are


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Posted: 26 Apr 2007

Hmm. Don't know what the implications could be, but when we (musicians) used to have the 'Keep Music Live' stickers in our vehicles. They kept getting broken into, usually while the gig was in progress, by persons trying to steal the equipment - which was in use.......?

I came across a similar situation with friends who had RSPB or BTO stickers in their cars. And they were repeatedly broken into, in the belief that they held valuable optics etc.

Better to be lucky than good looking.

- ARG UK vinyl car stickers

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