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Polarizing Filter:

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Posted: 13 Apr 2009

Hello everyone,

Just a quick one, would buying a Polarizing Filter benifit me in herp photography, native or indoors in reptile houses? /dp/B00006H2EY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid= 1239648690&sr=1-1

Thank you for reading


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Posted: 14 Apr 2009

Hello John,

In my non-expert opinion ...

... maybe.

Polarizing filters can potentially be used to reduce reflections.

In the wild, this could give more intense colours in the subject on a very sunny day.  I would say that there are much more important factors you need to get right before seeing any tangible benefit from a polarizing filter.

In reptile houses, the subjects are presumably behind glass, and the filter could be used to reduce the reflections from the glass.  However, you'll lose about 2 stops of light, so you'll need a slower shutter speed/wider aperture/faster ISO.

Hope this helps.



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Posted: 16 Apr 2009

I'd echo Tim's comments, polarisers can be used to remove some reflected highlights off shiny reptiles when it's sunny and help increase the colour saturation - but it's one more thing to get right (you have to rotate the filter to the right angle) and as Tim points out you lose at least half your light.

If you have an autofocus camera you'll need a circular polariser - this refers to the type - not the shape!

See: rs.htm



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Posted: 20 Apr 2009
Polarizing filters can come in very handy for reducing reflections from water when taking photos of amphibians...

- Polarizing Filter

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