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Uploading photos:

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Posted: 03 Mar 2010
Hi all.

Not so much photography, as how to re-size your photos before uploading them to the forum.

A lot of people don't seem to re-size them, which means they don't display very well on a "normal" screen.  I used to re-size using Photoshop which was rather slow and cumbersome, but a friend pointed me towards "Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP".  These are add-ons to XP, and there's one which re-sizes photos really easily and quickly. ertoys.mspx

"Image Resizer" is the one you want.  To use it, you select one or more photos in a folder, then right click and you get the option to re-size (choice of sizes).  The re-sized photos are then saved in the same folder with a slightly different name - very simple, very quick.

The forum FAQs suggest a width of about 700 pixels for photos.

Having spent a fair bit of the day wrestling with MS Word 2007, it's nice to find a user-friendly MS application!

Hope this helps.


- Uploading photos

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