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First smooth snake for NARRS:

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Posted: 03 Apr 2007

Hi All

I hope that I can claim the first smooth snake while on a NARRS survey training day (1st April) no it is not an April Fools.....though that was an idea......We had the classroom session at Brockenhurst Village Hall and then lunch at the Snake Catcher Pub and then out West into the New Forest.....

Spotted at the base of a gorse bush a fair distance from the nearest felt tile (tins have been replaced in the NF) - which only produced one male slowworm

The smooth snake was spotted at the base of the bush to the left - a nice male smooth snake which bit me 3 to 4 times on the hand - no blood which was good.  

Thanks Peter V for the photos.....

We went on to capture palmates, smooths and crested newt eggs at Balmer Lawn - after dinner we went back and counted 34 adult crested newts

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Posted: 03 Apr 2007
Nice Ca there Jon, was hoping to find an early basking Smooth on the conservation task the other day (have seen them at this particular site partially exposed in the bark of silver birch). Unfortunately nothing, but will keep an eye out when I go to see the Norden Adders later this week.

- First smooth snake for NARRS

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