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Posted: 22 Apr 2007
Hello with all,
I am a new member with your forum. The photography of Adders interests
me much. I reside in Belgium, Wallonia, Fagnes. V.berus are still present
there, although in very great difficulty. Here a URL which will lead you
towards a slide-show of some of my photographs.

http://web.mac.com/jmdelacre/iWeb/Berus/Photos_files/slidesh ow.html
E-mail: doische.nature@jdelacre.net

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Posted: 22 Apr 2007

Welcome to the forums Jean,

I have added the link in 'clicky' format below

http://web.mac.com/jmdelacre/iWeb/Berus/Photos_files/slidesh ow.html


Gemma Fairchild, Independent Ecological Consultant
Alan Hyde
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Posted: 22 Apr 2007
Welcome Jean, some nice pics there
O-> O+>
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Posted: 23 Apr 2007

On here there is an idea for a planned trip to Belgium with Jeroen - welcome to the forum and we will keep you posted on the planned trip fingers crossed




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