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tim hamlett
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Posted: 16 Mar 2008

has anyone else got their square yet?

i have a square right in the middle of stoke-on-trent...not exactly known for its reptiles but i'm actually quite excited about it. there seems to be some decent habitat in the square which includes a canal and a railway line so you never know.


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Posted: 17 Mar 2008

My random square has dropped right on top of a pond I helped to put in last year, right next to a known GCN breeding pond.  This means I might actually get to see something  - last years "blue square" pond was very very dull.


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Posted: 19 Mar 2008
Yep got my Square

and I am gonna to get out there this year - I already have a record from it Common Toad - as the square is right on top of a new crossing area.

I am betting that slowworms, lizards and grass snakes will be present along with frogs, possibly smooth newts but no palmate or crested newts.

We will see


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Posted: 24 Jul 2008
Hi, just wondering if anyone can help...

I'm working on an electronic key for the uk reptiles and amphibians and was hoping that you might be able to help me with a diffinitive difference between newts and lizards. Obviously one is a reptile, the other an amphibian, and I can clearly see which is which, but these keys are used by kids who've never seen either before and I'm struggling to find a question that splits the two groups for those who don't just 'know'. Any ideas? Any constructive advice would be gratefully received!


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Posted: 24 Jul 2008
Lizards have scales... newts have skin a little like velvet (or peach skin).
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Posted: 25 Jul 2008
Newts have four front toes, lizards have five.
If you can pick it up...it's a newt :P (or a dead lizard)
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