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Adopt a group square!:

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Posted: 03 Feb 2009

It has been suggested that ARG's should consider adopting a square or two and carry out a group effort in surveying the square.

I think that is an excellent opportunity for people to get involved in the NARRS survey with other people. If you cannot make a survey visit to the square then you can let someone else know in the group who can get along to the square instead.

I am planning a NARRS training session in Hampshire at places where i can find 5 species of amphibian and 4 of the reptiles. I am seriously considering taking people to my new square for 2009 so we can look at what is needed to get it assessed and get landowner permissions and carrying out the surveys.

As John Wilkinson said at the HWM this last weekend if every ARG did 1 to 2 squares each that is 100 to 200 squares to add to the total.


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Posted: 06 Feb 2009
Great idea, and a far more likely way to achieve results.

- Adopt a group square!

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