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Welcome to the ARG UK:

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Posted: 23 Mar 2007

The ARG Uk would like to thank Gemma (RAUK admin) for placing this forum on the RAUK

Just to let you know more about the ARG UK - the coordinating panel are volunteers which come from various backgrounds and are members of local Amphibian & Reptile Groups.

There is some exciting news which will be announced soon (I hope). But the basic system is that over the UK and beyond there is a network of likeminded people who are working locally for amphibian & reptile conservation.

Groups vary from just a contact in a particular area, affiliated groups within Wildlife Trusts and completely independent groups which are active in their areas (normally a county). You can find your contact on the ARG UK website - www.arg-uk.org.uk or by clicking on the link to the left here on RAUK.

The ARG UK are a partner within the NARRS scheme which has its own forum on here aswell.

If you find that there is no contact for your area then please do get in touch with us so we can add you as a contact so then other people in your area can make contact and further ARG's can be established.






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- Welcome to the ARG UK

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