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Sand Lizard Habitat Info Wanted Please!:

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Posted: 02 Mar 2009

Hi everyone,

I was directed to this forum via an RFUK member after requesting information on the habitat of the Sand Lizard.  I have decided to do a project on them and their habitat for my Habitat Ecology module at university.  We have been studying Heathlands and Sand Dunes, and from what i have gathered the Sand Lizard can live in both these habitats.  I was looking for information on why Sand Lizards habit in these types of areas, also if anybody has an population info on them in either of these types of areas. 

I am also looking for any relative material, such as scientific papers or articles that may be of use for my work.

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated!


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Posted: 02 Mar 2009

If you go on Google Scholar and search the scientific name of the species you're after you should get practically all the research papers you need, look though all the results

Once you have found a paper of relevance, look at the papers that have cited the original paper and what papers have been referenced for maximum knowledge gain! :)

Look at the HCT website and local ARG websites

Maybe buy the new herp dorset book ... http://www.thebhs.org/news.html (scroll down)

I really enjoy looking for research papers I havent read before, its like discovering these amazing new facts yourself!


- Sand Lizard Habitat Info Wanted Please!

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