Use these forms to record, report or identify any UK:-

Reptile (Snake or Lizard) OR

Amphibian (Frog, Toad or Newt)

All of the records submitted are will end up in the

Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK  (ARG)

Record Pool

We have two forms for you to enter data. Please feel free to use whichever you feel most comfortable with. The first, the RAUK record form has been in use for many years and is little changed from its inception. It does now include a dynamic map for telling us where you saw the animals. After this it is a single form. Apart from that it may well suit the more old-fashioned and offers no other advantages! The second is the ARG UK Sighting Card which enters data directly into the Record Pool Database. This is a far more modern design in a series of self contained units, is more sophisticated for locating your sighting and requires less manual entry. You may well find it preferable.

I would like to enter a record using:-
The RAUK Record Form
The ARG UK Record Sighting Card